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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Driving Tips

Make your 2011 New Year Resolution to put an end to traffic tickets and save thousands of dollars with PhantomAlert! No doubt driving during winter months has it's challenges. Many survive this challenge with strong instincts that allow them to maneuver cautiously during times when the road conditions have poor visibility due to winter driving conditions.
Winter Defensive Driving Tips is an article that touches the subject of winter driving conditions and how to handle the road during poor road conditions. Read more...
Remembering that using caution while driving through the winter months will ensure a safer holiday season.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Direct Car Insurance Quote

Car Insurance Cost. An Important Factor in Getting your Car Insurance Quote.

For people who wish to insure their cars, rising car insurance premiums cause serious concern. Insurance quotes for the same car can vary considerably between three different insurers. Below are certain parameters that the insurers take into consideration, for calculating the premiums...Read more here.

Progressive Car Insurance Quote

When you are shopping for auto insurance, you should check out Progressive Insurance as you can often save money on your car insurance by using this company to get various quotes that will fit your budget...Read more here.

Allstate Car Insurance Quote

Allstate just announced a very intelligent initiative. The auto insurance company is going to offer a brain training game to thousands of drivers and measure the impact on their driving performance. Allstate says this can be the "next big breakthrough in automobile safety." Today I am fortunate to interview Tom Warden, Assistant Vice President and Leader of Allstate's Research and Planning Center, to better understand this initiative...Read more here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vehicle Owners Manuals

Having the owner's manual for your vehicle can be an important feature when it comes time to see how the gadgets work. An owners manual differs from vehicle repair manuals where the owners manual tells you how the features of your vehicle are operated. The repair manual is a detailed report that explains the repair procedures of vehicle components. In a previous blog I explain how you can receive an Owners Manual online from a site that lists a wide variety of manuals.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Want Out of Your Car Lease?

There are companies and organizations that will help people get out of car leases. This action is called a "Buyer Program". It’s where you can list your lease and someone who is interested may possibly take over the lease. Some of the benefits of taking over a lease are: short-term leases, no money down leases, low monthly payments, and no long term commitment with the leasing companies. On the flip side of it all I would assume taking over a lease may or may not be a good idea. I cannot say. But, I thought it was quite interesting how someone came up with this concept. Get Rid Of Your Lease.

Another season change is upon us. Remember the vehicle you are driving should be checked for wear. Is it Oil Change time? It is recommended to check fluids at least once a week.

Phil Dapple.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


With the seasons changing and the weather condition change following along, it is probably time to consider your tire status.


A simple tire check is simple to preform. Simply walk around your vehicle and inspect each tire.
What you should look for are cracks in the rubber bad scuffs, wires that are exposed. (if there are wires exposed, I don't think it's a good idea to drive that vehicle.) Simply put you are looking for any damage of any kind. If you see any, consider replacing your tires.

Check your tread thickness. If your tread is around 1/8 thick or less, this is usually the time to consider a tire change. You may have more time but tires with little or no tread will be slippery in the rain and useless in the snow. Everything rides on your tires. - Revolutionizing Tire Buying                                   

Monday, August 16, 2010

Vehicle Care

A Well Maintained Vehicle is a Reliable Vehicle

Always Make Sure Your Vehicle is Maintained. Please Put Safety First. Having a well maintained vehicle not only keeps us all safer, it will help your investment last a little bit longer. Simple tips and tricks can help save on unnecessary wear and tear. This will result in saving hundreds in mechanic bills.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Make Your Car run longer

Car parts are expensive. Make your car run longer by doing the little things like making sure the fluids are topped off, and keeping the tires properly inflated.

Taking A Turn

Turning the wheel left to right needs to be done. When taking a turn, turning the wheel hard all the way in either direction is stress on the front end parts. Turn the wheel of course, but not hard all the way until it stops. It causes extra wear on the front end parts. When the wheel is turned hard in either direction you should be hearing a sort of squealing noise. This is the power steering pump working at full where the pressure and torque is enormus. It's much easier to take a turn while trying to keep the front end level.

.............thanks for reading..................Phil.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Undercoating the underside of your vehicle can definately help stop corrision. Another way to help before you spray the anti-rust throughout is to paint the underneath as much as you can. I prefer every two years. All I do is get under there with a can of black rust paint (white if it's white under there)and spray a new layer of paint. If the vehicle is newer, this will help alot. It takes not more than a couple of hours, but I suggest that you use safety goggles. I've been doing this for alot of years and the vehicle's bodies stay mint. Check out The Auto Parts Source site for Great Deals on Parts.

It's pretty easy to stop the rust from spreading if you catch it quick. If you let it spread, it'll spread fast, and in no time there will be a problem. Bodywork can be expensive.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Little Maintenence Goes A Long Way

Simple tricks that we could do can make our cars and trucks last longer.

Checking the oil once a week will help keep the engine working properly and possibly last longer. Another thing is to keep the tires inflated to the proper PSI. The amount of air to put into the tires is usually indicated on the drivers' door. There should be a sticker on the door to tell you.

Greasing the front end every 3 or 4 months will help to keep all the steering components lubricated and helps stop wear. This is usually done when you do your 3 month oil change or 5000 klm depending on your manufacturer specifications.

Getting a wheel alignment at least once a year (maybe more if you drive over curbs and really rough roads) can help the tires and the front end. It can also help you keep control over your vehicle instead of it pulling one way or another.

Brakes are something I like to check twice a year. Maintaining the brakes not only is safe, it gives us a sence of security. By making sure the brakes are in good repair, we are safer. (Especially if we travel with children.)

Driving With The Heater Fan Motor Pointed At The Floor.

Alot of the time while driving, I will turn on the heater on with it set to blow on the floor. Depending on what time of the year I'm driving, I'll adjust the cold / heat setting to an acceptable level. Most times I just have it on low. The reason why I drive with the air blowing on the floor is that moisture likes to hide in the little nooks and crannies, around the bottoms of the doors, or under the mat, or even carpeted. With the air blowing and pointed down, the air can help to dry these areas and help fight corrosion.
Seems to help..

Driving safe is just as important as driving smart.

.........Thanks for reading.............Phil.

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