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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Direct Car Insurance Quote

Car Insurance Cost. An Important Factor in Getting your Car Insurance Quote.

For people who wish to insure their cars, rising car insurance premiums cause serious concern. Insurance quotes for the same car can vary considerably between three different insurers. Below are certain parameters that the insurers take into consideration, for calculating the premiums...Read more here.

Progressive Car Insurance Quote

When you are shopping for auto insurance, you should check out Progressive Insurance as you can often save money on your car insurance by using this company to get various quotes that will fit your budget...Read more here.

Allstate Car Insurance Quote

Allstate just announced a very intelligent initiative. The auto insurance company is going to offer a brain training game to thousands of drivers and measure the impact on their driving performance. Allstate says this can be the "next big breakthrough in automobile safety." Today I am fortunate to interview Tom Warden, Assistant Vice President and Leader of Allstate's Research and Planning Center, to better understand this initiative...Read more here.

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